The biggest Gambling events in the World

The phenomenon of gambling has undoubtedly become an obsession for millions of people all over the world. Billions of dollars are being lost to gambling every year, and for that reason the authorities in many countries have begun to introduce stricter laws in the area. A glaring exception to these austerity, however, is the prominent betting arena, which today is a multi-trillion industry.

Odds in Football, Tennis, Golf & Ice Hockey
  • Did you know that horse racing betting is allowed even in Islamic cities like Dubai, despite gambling being considered haram (banned) by Islam?
  • Did you know that tipping revenue in the US alone passed $1 trillion in 2016?
  • Have you ever wondered which sports events are generating the highest tipping revenue in the world?

Then you are in the right place, because we have compiled an overview of the most lucrative sporting events on the planet. These are gamblers' paradises, where billions of dollars change owners as a result of legal as well as illegal tipping.

1. FIFA World Cup

  • Sports: Soccer (Soccer)
  • Arena: Variable (Russia 2018)
  • Time: June / July every 4th year
  • Prize: $400 million
  • Number of participants: 32

This is surely the biggest sporting event in the world, and the FIFA World Cup enjoys unmatched dominance when it comes to popularity and popularity. Football is a global sport and is played by almost every nation in the world, which is why the World Cup is as big as it can get.

Almost all the nations of the world participate in the qualifying, and the finals of the FIFA World Cup are played between the 32 best qualifying teams. It is the most watched sports event shown on TV, and the latest edition had more than 2.5 billion viewers. In 2014, an incredible $400 million was awarded as prize money to all participants, and the eventual winner Germany brought a staggering $65 million from the competition.

The bookmakers cleaned the table during the previous World Cup, and American bookmakers in particular came out of it well, earning over $200 million. It has been estimated that a total of $3.2 billion was invested during the 2014 World Cup, a sum that so far is unparalleled, but is expected to be higher during the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia.

2. NFL Superbowl

  • Sports: American Football
  • Arena: Variable
  • Time: February each year
  • Prize: $30 Million
  • Number of participants: 2

The finale of The National Football League, also known as the Superbowl, is surely the biggest annual 1-day event in the world of sports, in terms of the prize pool and the amount of sums gambled for. Superbowl 2017, which was unexpectedly won by The New England Patriots, is said to have generated $4.7 billion through tipping, mainly through illegal betting. The Patriots won the 51st edition of Superbowl 28-3, making it a remarkable whole turnaround that led to victory, making many of their fans rich overnight thanks to the faith of their team and by investing money against all odds.

Although tipping in the United States is strictly regulated, millions of dollars are wagered on the NFL every single year, and most on Superbowl. The day is celebrated by Americans as the biggest sporting event of the year, and friends and family gather to follow the match together.

3. The finals of the NBA

  • Sports: Basketball
  • Arena: Changing matches on both finalists' home runs
  • Time: In June each year
  • Prize: $15 Million
  • Number of participants: 2

TheNational Basketball Association is the most popular professional basketball league in the world, securing the world's best players through lucrative contracts. NBA players are among the best-paid athletes in the world, and the sums generated through advertising revenue and merchandise sales are largely unparalleled in international sports, beaten only by the NFL Superbowl.

The TV coverage of the NBA Finals is shown by ABC, which raises more than $ 15 million for every match they show live. For example, the 2016 NBA Finals stood between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, and after 6 games, the score was an incredible 3-3, allowing for a grand finale. The fact that the final went into a 7th match led to ABC earning $ 80 million extra on broadcasts and revenue, while the NBA earned $45 million, which shows how much money is at stake in the sport. This is also seen in the tipping market, where the unpredictability and pace that characterizes the sport is seen as a major attraction by gamblers who want to try their luck. The Warriors were clear favorites for the win last season, and about $ 11 million was wagered to win, which they also did.

4. UEFA Champions League

  • Sports: Soccer (Soccer)
  • Arena: Iconic stadiums in Europe
  • Time: Mid-May every year
  • Prize: $800 Million
  • Number of participants: 32

The UEFA Champions League is the premier football cup competition in the world, involving more money than the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Cup combined. It is an elite competition with strict criteria for participation, as only the best teams from the top leagues in Europe have the opportunity to qualify for the final round. It is considered the most prestigious trophy in club football, where the winners also walk away with more than $ 100 million, which also includes TV rights and sponsorship revenue.

Participants in the Champions League get paid per game, for example, a club receives $ 1.5 million for each win in the group games, and ever-increasing sums as they progress into the competition. The Champions' League has always been the bookmaker's favorite tournament, because of the high standard of the teams involved, and the popularity and wide appeal of the tournament. In 2012, when Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on their home ground, against all odds, it was reported that the bookmakers lost a total of $ 950 million due to the unexpected shock result, an example of the extent of tipping taking place during this competition.

5. Formula 1 race

  • Sports: Motor-racing
  • Arena: Iconic racing tracks around the world
  • Time: Throughout the year
  • Prize: $850 Million a year
  • Number of participants: 20 drivers in each race

There is probably nothing more exciting than heavy machines speeding past at speeds over 350 km / h. Aerodynamically shaped to achieve maximum speed and torque, these turbocharged monster machines have made this sport one of the most watched sports in the world.

During the Formula 1 season, there will be 20 different races on iconic racing tracks around the world. The most famous and expensive races are the Monaco Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with the Singapore Grand Prix right behind. With a staggering $ 850 million annual premium payout, F1 does not suffer from a lack of sponsors and luxury partners. The races regularly attract the very richest, both as owners, and to watch the races from private boxes. These people are naturally inclined to bet on their favorite cars / drivers as well.

6. Wimbledon

  • Sports: Tennis
  • Arena: Wimbledon, London
  • Time: In July of each year
  • Prize: $42 Million
  • Number of participants: 128 each (Men and women have separate tournaments)

Wimbeldon is one of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world and has a rich and profound history. The biggest stars in the sport are ranked by their Wimbledon titles, with legendary Roger Federer, who is also the current leader, at the top, with the highest number of wins, namely 8.

The championship is also the tennis sport's only grand slam to be played on a traditional grass court, and is also the most set tennis tournament of all time. The competition has a very generous feel to it, and the players respect the rules by wearing all-white suits during the game. Big names from all fields are invited, and there are always many celebrities to watch during the matches. The prize pool for the event is worth more than $ 40 million and is split between players depending on the result. Gamblers are also fascinated by the event. In 2017, it was reported that over 1.4 billion was invested, which is a record high in the killer sports.