In search of the best betting bonus

The list of bookmakers on the Internet is incredibly long. Every year, other bookmakers try to gain a foothold in the already saturated market and more and more providers are succeeding in attracting numerous customers. While the most up-to-date bookmakers tend to be quite innovative, they often do not bring the experience they need in the business. But the experience of bookmakers lives from experience.

If you are looking for the best bookmaker, then you will probably often see big advertising windows in the eye. Especially capitalized are usually high sums of money from bonus promotions, which are promised, if one has registered with the respective bookmaker. The speech here is of course the promotions for new customers, who may look forward to an additional bet. As a rule, the bonus balance is credited directly after the first deposit, so that you can profit from the bonus immediately after signing up. Very rarely, there are also bonus offers that can be claimed without deposit.

But bonus is not equal bonus. Many providers offer a bonus that is only designed to attract new customers, but is actually not worth it for the customer. In the search for the right provider with the optimal betting bonus for new customers should therefore be paid to some criteria. For many betting providers, exactly what you would expect for one or the other contract applies. The small print often contains the information needed to evaluate the bonus without bias and compare the individual offers.

Fractional Odds

The fine print is often crucial

In the search for the bookmaker with the best betting bonus you normally see only the percentage and the maximum bonus amount. To understand an example: The bookmaker bet-at-home writes on its website that you can get a bonus of 50 percent on the first deposit. Without looking more closely it is even found that there is a 100 Euro sports bonus, as it's explained here. But just this information is crucial for the bonus.

The rate of the first deposit: Less is often more

Almost every bookmaker on the Internet offers its new customers a so-called deposit bonus. This means that the first deposit made by the new customer is multiplied by a certain percentage and accordingly forms a bonus amount. The maximum amount that can be earned through this process has its charms, but the percentage is much more important. For example, if the maximum bonus amount is $ 200, but the percentage is only 25%, then $ 800 would have to be paid the first time to get the full bonus.

But most new customers do not want or can not deposit 800 euros, but for example, only 75 euros. A bonus with a maximum bonus amount of $ 100 and a percentage of 100% is much better. With a deposit of 75 euros gets at new customer at bookmaker A exactly 18.75 euros at bookmaker B, however, all 75 euros additionally credited. The focus in the election should therefore not be on the maximum bonus amount but on the percentage. A smaller maximum amount can be more with the correct percentage.

Sales requirements: To be found in the fine print

At least as important as the percentage or the rate of the first deposit are the revenue requirements. Because every bonus for new account providers is subject to predetermined sales conditions, which must be met in order to pay off the credit of the bonus. Therein lies finally the goal: The money, which one gets given, multiply and then pay off. For example, to have the bonus paid out, the bonus amount must be converted five times. Thus, a bonus that has a high maximum amount and a good quota brings plenty of little, if this has to be implemented very often.

Often, time also plays an important role. Whether the bonus has to be cleared within two, four, or eight weeks plays a huge role in the revenue requirements of a betting bonus. Likewise, the minimum quota is of great importance. If the quota is mistakenly equated with the risk, then the risk is particularly high, the bookmaker sets a high minimum quota.

Find the best bonus for you!

As one or the other might have noticed the above mentioned criteria, the best bonus is not necessarily the best bonus for everyone. If you want to start with a low entry fee, the focus should not be on the maximum amount of the bonus, but on the percentage or the rate on the first deposit. Particularly good are providers with a rate of 200 percent, but also 100 percent are very good. Values ​​of 50 percent and above should probably be left out of the bookmaker.

Another criterion is the value of the minimum deposit, which also only plays a role if you want to deposit only a very small amount the first time. So many offer their bonus only to those customers whose first deposit exceeds the value of 20 euros. This would be a bit high and almost bad. It would be better if no deposit minimum would be specified. However, most fans of sports betting pay more than 10 euros the first time, so that a minimum amount of 10 euros is quite normal and justifiable. You may even find a provider that does not require a deposit to participate in a sportsbook with a small entry fee.

On the other hand, if you would rather make sports bets but still receive a bonus, the time frame is very important. This refers to the period that is given to free play the bonus. Some bookmakers have decided not to make any provision regarding this period. Other bookmakers, however, set a limit of 90 days, which would also be very good. If the limit of the free spins period is 60 or even 30 days, you should consider carefully whether that is enough for you.

Rather independent of the gaming behavior is the criterion of revenue requirements. No matter how high or low the maximum bonus amount is, the bookmaker's credited money must be converted before the first payout. It is important to pay attention to a very important addition. If the bookmaker requires the x-fold implementation of the bonus amount or if the bookmaker requires the x-fold implementation of the bonus amount and the deposit amount. An example to illustrate: This is a 100 percent deposit bonus. It will be paid 100 € and the bonus is also 100 €. If the bookmaker indicates that the bonus amount has to be converted six times, 600 Euros must be paid. On the other hand, if the bookmaker indicates that the bonus amount and the deposit amount need only be converted three times, still 600 euros must be implemented. The number of conversions can be so deceiving, if not read exactly.

Before betting you should read some tips online to maximize your winnings. Many providers set a minimum quota, so that supposedly safe bets with rather low odds are not allowed. So the minimum rate should not be higher than 1.50. Although there are also bookmakers offering minimum odds below 1.50, this usually involves other aspects of sales requirements. In addition, special bets such as handicap bets may be excluded for meeting the conditions. It will be exciting if the bonus can also be unlocked in other areas of the provider.